Hero Games

The Hero Games is a competitive team charity event that tests physical strength & mental perseverance in honor of America’s fallen Special Operations Soldiers.

The Hero Games initially began as an “unconventional”, 2-hour tribute workout at SharpTop CrossFit in Bedford, Virginia, and has since grown into a half-day competition that takes participants through the hills of Virginia, under grueling conditions modeled after U.S. Army Special Operations training.

Last year, we donated ALL net profits to the wife of Sergeant First Class Thomas “Rusty” Robinett, a recently fallen Special Forces Soldier. The Hero Games does not profit and will never attempt to profit from the event. We understand the burden that families are often left with in the absence of their fallen Heroes, and we desire to help shoulder that burden when able.

We would be grateful for your support to the Hero Games in ANY capacity. We anticipate hundreds of attendees this year, and tens of thousands more reached through social media. We welcome organizations such as yours into our mix because we understand that this mission can be better met with the help of the community.

Here are a few ways organizations have helped in the past:

1) Donation of goods to be provided to the participants of the Hero Games. Each participant will be issued a “swag bag” prior to starting the event, which typically includes a Hero Games t-shirt among other items. Prior sponsors have donated organization-specific items like stickers, water bottles, etc. to be placed into the bags. This is an awesome way to highlight the event and your organization.

2) Financial donations to the Hero Games, which will be used to cover event costs, with ALL residual funds donated directly to the family.

3) Volunteer work. The Hero Games requires an extensive crew of volunteers ranging from medical professionals to basic administrative personnel. Anyone can help in some capacity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel comfortable reaching out to us. Thank you for your consideration!

Respectfully, Joshua Daniel

Instagram: @the.hero.games

Facebook: @HeroGamesCharity

Email: Hero.Games.Charity@gmail.com

Cell: (850) 826- 8357

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